Holidays with your dog

If you cannot imagine your holiday in France without your four-legged friend because you two are inseparable, if you cannot consider to entrust your dear mate to your aunt Jane because you know well that it will have gained 10 pounds when you come back, so don’t look any further, Emmè (take your dog with you) is here for you.

To the delight of the owners and their dogs, our collaborative platform lists accomodations, activities and restaurants where human beings and animals are always welcome.

Thanks to our search criteria, it is now possible to find places which perfectly fit your needs: if you have more than 3 dogs, or a great dog, or a pitbull, you will find out for sure a place where everyone is welcome. All the locations of the platform are known for their service quality: their are marked from one to four snouts and also tested, marked and commented by the community.

Let’s go ! Your dream holiday in France is coming true: relaxing on a beautiful Corsican beach, paddling, cross-country skiing, visiting museums or prehistoric caves… all of this, WITH YOUR DOG !

Join this dog lovers community by creating your account and share your good addresses on Emmè to provide them to everyone.


PS: thanks to the good addresses you share, you will contribute to reduce the number of dog abandonments! The easier it is to travel with a dog, the phonier this pretext becomes.


Emmè has been created by Musher and Sophie. When Sophie adopted Musher, she did not know how much her dog was about to change her life. She realized that traveling with a dog was complicated therefore, she sought a solution to make things easier for everyone who, like her, cannot imagine a single second to leave their favorite mate behind. This is how this collaborative platform was born: now everybody can find and/ or share dog-friendly good addresses. Musher has been a revelation to Sophie!